Retire in 3 steps

To retire doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. But before you start, it might be good to consider a few things. If you already know how you want your pension to be paid out, you can easily log in and specify when you want your money.

You need to fill out your application

When you have about four months left until your planned payout, it's time to log in and fill out your application. This applies whether you're making changes or planning to withdraw the pension as it stands today. Please note that your payout will begin even if we don't receive your application.

1. Plan when and how

The first thing you need to do is consider when you want to receive your pension. Do you want to withdraw it now or postpone it? You also need to decide how much or how little money you want to withdraw and over what period. For example, the earlier you withdraw your pension, the longer it needs to last. Will you choose to withdraw a larger sum immediately or smaller sums over a longer period?

When do you want to retire?

Your age when you start receiving your pension matters. The younger you are, the longer your pension needs to last. In Sweden, you have the right to work until you turn 69. The longer you work, the more pension you have accrued.

How much do you plan to withdraw?

If you choose to withdraw a larger sum of money over a certain period, you should expect that your pension won't last as long, or that you'll need to live on a smaller sum of money during other periods. 

Withdraw the entire pension at once?


You gain access to the entire amount immediately and can use it as you wish, without restrictions or requirements for repayment.

You can use the money to pay off debts or invest in another income-generating venture.

You avoid worrying about potential market fluctuations that could affect your pension.


If you withdraw your entire pension at once, you may lose some of your benefits, such as access to favorable insurances or a higher longevity adjustment.

You may fall into a higher tax bracket and thus pay more in taxes than if you withdraw the pension gradually over time.

If you do not plan and manage your finances appropriately, you risk quickly depleting them, which could lead to financial difficulties later in life.

It's important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to pensions, and it's important to consider your own circumstances and needs before making decisions about how you want to withdraw your pension.

2. Choose survivor protection

You also need to consider what will happen to your money if you die during the payout period. Survivor protection can provide security for your beneficiaries but may also result in slightly lower pension payments for you. Once the payouts have started, it's not possible to add survivor protection.

What is a beneficiary?

By beneficiary, we mean spouse, partner, registered partner, children, stepchildren, foster children, and adopted children. It can also be someone you were previously married to, former partner, or former registered partner, and also their children.

How long is survivor protection valid for?

If you choose to have survivor protection and your pension is to be paid out for as long as you live, the survivor protection is valid for 20 years or until you reach the age of 90. In the case of a fixed-term payout, survivor protection applies for the entire payout period.

How do I add survivor protection?

When you log in and make your application, you can easily choose whether you want survivor protection or not. If we need additional information from you, you will receive a health declaration after we have received your application. It then needs to be approved by SPP (Svensk Pensionsplanering), in order to add survivor protection.

Please note that once your payout has started, it may not be possible to add or remove survivor protection. This depends on the type of insurance you have.

Så gör du

  • Log in to your pages In the menu, you will find a link to the payout notification
  • You choose whether you want to start or postpone
  • Fill in the account number and specify the tax to be deducted
  • Sign with BankID"

3. Initiate payout.

When you have decided how and when you want to start receiving your pension, it's time to initiate your payout. You do this by logging in and notifying us that you want to begin. If you make changes to your notification, you will receive confirmation once it has been processed. The message will be delivered to your Kivra, your email inbox, or by regular mail. On your logged-in pages, you can also view your updated insurance policies