Let it echo empty in the office – but not in the account!

The flip-flops are ready to run out the door, and the books are neatly stacked, waiting for the imminent summer rain. Finally, we are free from the obligations of the alarm clock, a time that many have been eagerly anticipating for much of the year is finally here: vacation!

But to ensure that the sweetness of summer doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste as the leaves fall to the ground, you should take a look at your money before you check out.

Vacation-Proof Your Account

To keep your finances afloat this summer, you should keep track of the price tag for your planned activities but also leave room for spontaneity. Make sure there are earmarked funds for the summer and keep a close eye on your account balance. It's often the small expenses, an ice cream here and a coffee there, that add up without you noticing. Nowadays, there are many smart apps that can easily help you get a good overview.

Are your dreams bigger than your wallet?

Combine utility with pleasure. Those clothes you haven't worn in the first half of the year, will you really wear them? And how many old phones does one really need to keep? The internet is full of secondhand websites, or why not try organizing a flea market if you have a lot of stuff lying around gathering dust.

A Cheap Deposit into the Summer Memory Account

Having fun doesn't have to be expensive. There are many exciting free activities in most cities, ranging from park theater, outdoor gyms to volunteer-run animal parks. Or why not pack a picnic basket for a bike ride? For those who want to travel, there are several options today where holidaymakers exchange accommodation with each other. The exchange site Homeexchange facilitates contacts worldwide and makes it possible to exchange homes with others for a while.

Visit your old coins

Many of us take the opportunity to visit older relatives and friends during the holidays. I would also like to suggest that we visit your "old money." Perhaps you set up some savings once upon a time? It can be a good idea to review long-term savings once or twice a year - especially those for retirement. One tip is to visit the website minpension.se to get an overview of how much pension money you have earned so far. You can also make a forecast to see how much your future income is expected to be. And if you want to give your savings an extra boost, there are many savings options to explore.